Shave your head the day before using the oil.

The oil can be applied by on shaved head for the first time. Next time you can trim “0” and apply the oil.

Take a shower in the morning and shake off the white colored oil and apply it on the affected area like coconut oil.

After applying the oil, roll slowly in 2 directions for three to five minutes with the roller given to you.

After rolling, apply a small amount of white oil and massage gently on the scalp. No need to do rolling second time.

In the same way, apply red color oil at night while sleeping and gently roll with a roller in the same way as in the morning.

Use the roller slowly. Do not roll roughly or with too much pressure.

If you roll roughly the delicate layer on the head will look like small bumps, oil swells and the head will swell. If done at roller speed or rough, usually the hair will grow in 4 to six months but it will take up to one year.

Do not go for head bath every day. Bath without shampoo once in every two to three days. Do not bath with hot water.

If you want to use shampoo, do it only twice a week.

Do not use chemical shampoos. Use only natural shampoos. Patanjali Himalayan Shampoo. Aloe vera, kunkudukaya and shikakaya can also be used.

Whenever you shampoo, do not apply directly, take some water in a mug, add five or six drops and mix well and apply on the scalp. It gives good result to stop hair loss.

Sprouts, almonds and kismis should be soaked in water in the night and eat next day morning time.

Eat only white portion in egg.

Carrots can be taken daily, either as beetroot in the form of  juice or directly. Make sure to have leafy greens once a week.

Take pomegranate seeds, sapota, papaya, guava and watermelon.

Drink three to four liters of water every day. Drink coconut water once a week or once in two weeks. Take butter milk every day.

Chicken should be taken once in ten days. The more chicken you eat, the more heat in the body and the more likely you are to lose hair. Mutton can be taken.

Do not eat fish.

Avoid alcohol, gutka, cigarettes and beedi habits. These also cause excessive hair loss.

Make sure the motions are free.

Take care without gastric problems.

Make sure you get more sleep and less stress.




The oil must be used for six months.

Hair starts to grow hair after two months.

This Oil We sent is for a month.

No side effects.